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About Us


At Hybrid Martial Arts and Fitness, our goal is to provide our students with the most effective and useful training programs available in the world today. We are changing the standards of the martial arts industry by teaching students the techniques and disciplines that work in real world situations. Our training staff is ready to provide people of all skill and fitness levels a unique workout designed to help you reach your fitness goals.


William Marcia  –  Business Owner


I started taking Tae Kwon Do classes at the age of 13 after getting mugged and beaten by three thugs.
After a couple of years practicing Tae Kwon Do, my teacher asked if I wanted to compete in full contact Karate tournaments. hesitantly, I said yes . I must admit, I was scared of the notion of getting hit and terrified of losing.   I trained so hard for my first fight.  The day of my first competition fight  I was so nervous I remember bowing to my opponent and touching gloves, but the actual fight is a blur. I do remember my arm being raised in victory,  what a feeling that was!  I was so relieved and proud of myself but more importantly, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed fighting. The more I fought the more secure I became. Today, I wish I could run into those thugs that beat me up when i was a kid.  It would be a different outcome.
I took Jeet Kun Do for two years and I also took Kung Fu for about a year  During this time, I was trying to learn anything that looked interesting.  One day, my daughter Staci mentioned that she wanted to learn how to fight. At first, I thought she was just teasing. I realized she was serious so I looked into the Korean Art of Hapkido.  We signed up this is when thing started to come together and the idea of having my own school came to mind.  I took Hapkido very seriously .  I earned my black belt inHapkido in about four years. left Hapkido school to experiment with Krav Maga.  Krav Maga is the official combat style  system invented by the Israeli Defenses Forces.  Man, you put Hapkido and Krav Maga together, you have a lethal combination
Today I still train but not as much.  My challenge now is the business aspect of the art. My goal is to provide our members with a happy comfortable and safe environment
Welcome to our School !!!


Josh Bulak –  Owner/Trainer

I was always an athletic person, playing all different sports growing up.  I started to wrestle in 7th grade and immediately fell in love josh-about-us-pagewith the 1 on 1 competition.  I kept wrestling through out Jr High and High School, making the state finals a couple times.  After high school I started to play less sports and just go to the gym.  After years of working out, I got bored of the same old workouts the gym offered so I started looking for new outlets.
I had always liked martial arts when I was younger, so I decided to give Hapkido a try.  I ended up training 6 years in Hapkido and recieved my black belt.  But a couple years earlier, one of my Hapkido classmates decided he wanted to try an MMA fight.  I offered to help train him by offering to share the knowledge I had from my 6 years of wrestling.  From that day on, my love for MMA just took off.  We started training in boxing, jiu jitsu, and Muay Thai.  After a year of training, I finally decided to take my first fight.  After a few more years of training, I took over as Head Coach of Team No Comment and have helped many of our fighters to win individual championships. I’m really looking forward to sharing my years of knowledge and coaching with the students of Hybrid Martial Arts and Fitness.

Julius Collins –  Owner/Trainer


At a very young age I was interested in martial arts. Learning more about it as I got older I was inspired by  Bruce Lee & many other martial artists. After a high school track & field career I looked for an outlet in my training. I began personal training & instructing cardio boxing & kickboxing. Feeling I needed more for myself, I began my serious path of martial arts training. Starting with Hapkido, where I met Josh & William. While here a mutual friend of Josh & mine decided to take a fight which I assisted him with my kickboxing experience. This led me to taking my 1st fight & wanting to further my martial arts knowledge & experience. Now combining training methods of different arts I will provide the best training for you and your body type.  FIGHT LONG FIGHT STRONG.





Our Facility Info:

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*6200 sq ft

*full size boxing ring
* 2 grappling areas
*cardio and weight training area
*mens and womens locker rooms
*brand new cardio boxing area
*showroom with all latest training gear and apparel